Can laser depilation last forever

At present, among all hair removal methods, laser hair removal is undoubtedly the most reliable and effective. When laser hair removal is almost popular all over the world, many beauty seekers ask whether laser hair removal can be permanent? How many courses of treatment does laser depilation need permanently?

Laser depilation laser permanent depilation is to use the depilation instrument to send out a strong pulse beam to act on the root of hair follicle, and use its instantaneous blasting thermal energy to destroy the activity of hair follicle, so as to make the hair no longer grow and achieve a permanent depilation effect. Because the laser has strong photothermal selectivity, the laser with specific wavelength can only be absorbed by the corresponding pigment cells. Therefore, there is no damage to the surrounding normal skin. It is a safe and fast method.

Can laser hair removal really last forever? In fact, in the past, if there was any hair removal treatment method that could not have obvious hair regrowth for a long time (such as 1-2 years), then this hair removal technology can be called “permanent hair removal”. Laser hair removal raises this deadline in a larger procedure.

The number of laser hair removal treatment, treatment time interval, energy during treatment, individual differences of the body and many other factors affect the final effect of laser hair removal. Generally speaking, the more times of treatment, the more likely it is to achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal. If the number of treatment is too small, the effect of treatment will be temporary.

Therefore, the permanent depilation effect is relative rather than absolute, and we can’t drill a bull’s horn. Generally speaking, to achieve the purpose of hair removal, a course of treatment of 6 times is necessary, and the treatment should be carried out in strict accordance with the interval told by the doctor. The treatment time should not be too long apart, otherwise it is easy to fail.

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