Is the laser hair removal device reliable? Is the laser hair removal device useful?

  Nowadays, there are more and more home appliances for cosmetology. Even the depilation equipment has a home version. The power and effect of the home version of the device are incomparable with those in the hospital. So what is the effect of the home device? , Let’s take a look together today!

  Is the laser hair removal device reliable?

  The principle and technology of the home laser hair removal device is the same as that of the large laser hair removal device, the only difference is the level of energy density. High energy density hair removal effect is better. Large-scale hair removal devices have higher energy density. The energy of home hair removal devices will be lower than that of large professional hair removal devices. However, it is understood that the energy density of most home hair removal devices is only about 5J. The energy density of the hair removal device is as high as 25J. From this, it can be known that the hair removal effect of the SILKPRO laser hair removal device is due to most household hair removal devices on the market.

  How long does it take to recover after laser hair removal

  If the laser hair removal operation fails, the lighter one is that the hair removal effect is not ideal. Generally, the hair growth cycle is 1 month to 1 year, and it can be restored to normal according to personal circumstances. If it is a serious operation failure, the skin may be Can no longer return to before the laser hair removal surgery.

  How effective is the home hair removal device?

  Home laser epilators cannot reach the power of epilators used in beauty salons, so its effect is minimal, let alone achieve permanent removal. In addition, a bad household epilator is very likely to cause damage to the skin, such as making the part of the skin that has undergone the epilation treatment no longer smooth, and so on. Therefore, if you want to have permanent hair removal, it is better to go to a regular beauty hospital.

  Which brand of hair removal device is good

  1, Silkpro

  Silkpro is a laser optical beauty brand, with Chinese and German technology, and the R&D team is a team of Chinese and German professional experts. R&D strength is the biggest advantage. On the one hand, it has the strength advantages of German advanced technology. On the other hand, it has rooted the market in China and developed targeted products that are more suitable for Asians. Created a lot of world’s top products, including Silkpro home hair removal device, its technology is currently ranked first in the world.

  First of all, there are not many brands that have achieved home laser technology. Only the brands Silkpro and Tria have the strength to develop home laser hair removal devices. The other brands of hair removal devices are photon hair removal devices.

  Silkpro Home Laser Hair Removal Apparatus has an energy density of 25J and a service life of 50 million times. The skin automatically senses and slides to emit light. The plug-in design is used in home hair removal apparatuses in terms of technology, lifespan and experience. The best.

  Not only domestically, Silkpro products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions including the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany and Spain. Help more people to solve hair problems. Silkpro is also the world’s first brand to obtain China CFDA, US FDA, and EU CE safety certification.

  Generally speaking, the Silkpro Home Hair Removal Apparatus combines the strongest R&D strength and innovation of the Sino-German Silkpro team. It has been innovating continuously for more than ten years. The use of OSRAM chips, advanced technology and powerful hair removal effects are the biggest competitiveness. Since 2006, it has been continuously upgraded and updated to become the world’s most recognized home hair removal device, and it has also become the currently popular Silkpro home laser hair removal device.

  2, Tria

  Tria is an American brand, and its products are mainly laser hair removal equipment, anti-aging and wrinkle removal equipment, acne and concealer products. The world’s first home laser hair removal device is from Tria.

  Tria series of laser hair removal products are used for the whole body and for the face. They are laser technology like Silkpro. Tria’s series of products have passed the US FDA certification, but have not yet obtained the Chinese CFDA certification.

  Tria’s star product is Tria4X Home Laser Hair Removal Apparatus, but there is no official sales channel in China. Most people usually choose to buy from overseas. It is easy to buy fake and shoddy products, or there is no after-sales service at all, and there is no place to repair the instrument if it is worn out , This can be regarded as the limitation of the domestic development of this brand.

  The energy density that affects the hair removal effect is very important. The higher the energy density, the better the hair removal effect. The highest energy density of Tria is 22J, which is 3J less than Silkpro. The two highest hair removal devices in the world. Tria has a total of 5 gears, with smart skin tone sensor, it will automatically select gears according to your skin tone. Dark skin cannot be used. In addition, the service life limit is a bit behind Tria, the instrument only emits light 90,000 times, the battery can be charged only about 300 times, and each time it needs to be charged for two hours, it can only be used for 30 minutes.

  In general, Tria is an old brand of laser hair removal devices. The first home hair removal device is from Tria, but due to the slow technology update. It has been far surpassed by Silkpro. If you want to get back to the industry’s first place, it seems that the pace of innovation and upgrading cannot be stopped.

  3, Silk’n

  Silk’n is an Israeli brand and has a variety of home photon hair removal devices. Silk’n’s brands include SensEpil home light hair removal machine, FaceFX skin-reducing fairy stick, Blue acne fairy stick, and its products rely on a number of patented technologies and have passed the US FDA ( The safety standards of the Food and Drug Administration are absolutely suitable for ordinary consumers to use easily at home.

  Silk’n has official sales channels in the country, and there are also more complete after-sales. This will be better than Tria, but technically, it is still inferior to Tria and Silkpro, because silk’n series hair removal devices are all Photon hair removal device. The photon hair removal device has a weak energy density, so the effect and speed of hair removal are not as good as that of laser.

  Silk’n series products have passed the FDA certification of the US Medical Safety Administration, and have not yet obtained the Chinese CFDA certification.

  Silk’n star product should be infinity micro current. It has an energy of 5J/cm and a service life of 400,000 times. You can check the remaining light output times through Bluetooth. There are two modes of use, one is to slide out the light, which is more suitable for large areas, and the other is to tap the light, which is suitable for taking off small areas.

  However, silk’n was also purchased from overseas, so there will be many fakes or fake products. It is recommended that you buy this brand from regular channels. Once you buy fakes, it is very easy. If these products are harmful to the skin, they can easily burn the skin and leave melanin that cannot be recovered.

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