Great confluence of axillary hair removal methods

“I have a lot of underarm hair. I can’t wear short sleeves in summer, and I can’t wear slightly shorter ones. How can I take off underarm hair?” many beauty lovers have this trouble and are constantly looking for ways to take off underarm hair. What are the ways to take off underarm hair? The following is a detailed introduction.

Axillary hair removal method 1. Laser hair removal: in order to remove too much body hair, many beauty lovers choose laser hair removal. Now popular is freezing point depilation, which is a new method of laser depilation. This technology uses laser to effectively pass through the skin to reach the position of hair follicle, so as to remove excess hair. In this process, because the skin does not absorb laser energy or absorbs little energy, the skin itself is not damaged. Moreover, a cooling device for protecting the skin is installed on the laser treatment head to cool the epidermis before, during and after laser emission, so the hair removal process is almost painless. It can also avoid skin reactions such as abnormal pigment or scar, which is a very safe method.

Axillary depilation method 2. Honey wax depilation: stick the body hair with sticky honey wax and tear it off at the same time. Honey wax depilation is suitable for arm, leg and underwater body hair. Apply the wax evenly on the skin. The honey wax should be tightly attached to the skin so that all the hairs can be stuck. Then cover the gauze, pull up the gauze covered on the skin by pulling, and pull out the hair by roots. One large piece of hair can be removed at a time, even if the hair grows again is relatively thin. It will cause pain when used; Moreover, the chemically synthesized beeswax is easy to cause irritation to the skin; When tearing down, the body hair is easy to stay in a part of the pores, and the broken half of the hair end is very easy to pierce into the hair follicle, causing folliculitis.

Axillary depilation method 3. Electric depilation knife: suitable for people who are afraid of pain and allergic constitution. It is fast and painless, easy to use, and the effect can last for several days. No side effects on the skin.

Axillary depilation method 4. Depilation cream and depilation dew: it is conducive to the chemical substances in it to dissolve the hair structure, so as to achieve the purpose of depilation. The main component of this preparation is hydrophobic acetic acid (calcium). It is suitable for people who are afraid of pain but whose skin is not easy to be allergic. Patch test must be done before use. The skin should be cleaned before use to reduce irritation. When in use, apply the depilatory cream evenly on the part to be depilated. After 5-10 minutes, the hair will become soft and scrape it with a scraper. Specially for small and soft body hair, it can quickly remove a large area of hair. This method has no damage to hair follicles, so it doesn’t last long. It will grow again in about three days. The chemical components of this method are irritating to the skin. Frequent use or sensitive skin will cause redness, swelling and allergy, and even rash. People with sensitive constitution should use it very much.

So many axillary hair removal methods, laser hair removal is the best method, which does not damage the skin and does not affect perspiration. You might as well try it in a regular hospital.

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