Is it necessary for boys to shave too much leg hair? The hazards of boys shaving their legs

  Most people have legs, boys’ legs are thicker than girls’. Wearing shorts in summer will inevitably be exposed. Some boys are proud of it and think it is a symbol of men, while some boys are troubled by it. Do boys have too much hair to shave their legs?

  Whether you want to pull your legs depends on personal preference.

  Boys’ leg hair is usually natural, which is also a sign of strong androgen secretion. If you don’t like the thick leg hairs on your legs, you can shave them off regularly.

  Boys shave their legs without harm.

  Leg hair is a part of human hair that grows from hair follicles. It can physically cover, protect the skin, and keep warm. Generally, it is harmless to the body after shaving. However, if the method of removing leg hair is wrong, it may cause folliculitis. For example, plucking hair with tweezers may be very painful at the beginning, and improper follow-up treatment can easily induce infection, resulting in red and swollen hair follicles.

  What does it mean that boys have more hairy legs?

  The secretion of androgens is strong. A man’s leg hair shows that he secretes more androgen in his body, so the male characteristics will be more obvious. Not only the legs have more hair, but the chest hair or other parts of the hair may also be very luxuriant. Leg hair is only a representative of the strong secretion of androgens, and it does not fully explain the physical condition, nor does it have other special features. Moreover, some people’s leg hair may be hereditary. For example, if parents have thick body hair, children generally have thicker body hair, so a man’s leg hair cannot be used as a criterion for judging anything.

  How good or bad is the boy’s leg hair?

  There is no good or bad. There is no good or bad for a man with more or less hairy legs. It just represents the secretion of an individual androgen, and more leg hair represents the strong secretion of men. If there are not many, it means that androgens are relatively not vigorous. It does not affect your health, nor does the amount of leg hair affect your life, so generally speaking, the amount of leg hair has nothing to do with this.

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