How much does freezing point permanent depilation cost

Core tip: the cost of permanent depilation with freezing point is first related to the city. For example, the price in Beijing is relatively high, so the cost of permanent depilation with freezing point is also higher than that in other cities. Secondly, it is related to the hospitals that do hair removal. Different hospitals charge different fees for permanent hair removal. Finally, it depends on the specific depilation parts. Because some parts are more difficult, there will be differences in charges.

In the hot summer, for some women who love beauty, axillary hair has become their only regret. So many women want to remove the hair under their armpits through permanent hair removal at freezing point, so as to make themselves more beautiful. But they don’t know how much permanent depilation at freezing point costs? Let’s briefly introduce the cost of permanent depilation at freezing point.

First of all, it depends on where to do permanent depilation. Because the prices are different in different regions. For example, Beijing is not only the capital of China, but also the core city of economy and medicine. The cost of permanent depilation in Beijing is higher than that in other cities. However, if it is in the third and fourth tier cities such as Yunnan and Guizhou, the cost must be much lower than that of freezing point depilation in Beijing.

Secondly, it also depends on whether the hospital charges for freezing point hair removal are formal. If you do freezing point depilation in a regular hospital, the cost is usually about three or four thousand yuan. However, if it is an informal hospital or a hospital for profit, the charge must be higher, and it may even reach 10000 or 20000 yuan. Therefore, for women who want to do freezing point hair removal, try to go to a regular hospital when choosing a hospital, so as to save costs and ensure the effect.

Finally, it depends on the specific depilation site. Although most people depilate under the armpit, some people depilate around the perianal genitalia, so the operation difficulty and cost of these different parts are different. Because the genital and perianal hair removal may be dangerous, we should choose a professional and regular hospital to do freezing point hair removal anyway.

Through the above introduction to the cost of permanent depilation at freezing point, I believe you have some understanding of the cost in this regard. In addition, it is also necessary to remind that after the freezing point depilation, it is best not to take a bath in a short time, so as not to stimulate the skin and cause inflammation. In addition, in terms of diet, do not eat greasy food, but mainly vegetables, such as fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, which are good for people who have just finished hair removal.