In addition to depilation with depilation cream, what else can remove excess hair? These depilation methods can be tried

Core tip: women are most afraid of growing thick hair, because they dare not wear sexy dresses, so many girls are looking for hair removal methods in summer. Hair removal cream is the simplest. Many girls like to use it, but it also has disadvantages. In addition to hair removal cream, wax paper, electric hair remover and laser can help people remove hair.

Summer is coming. Women want to wear sexy suspenders and skirts, but many women have black body hair. Such skin can’t be exposed, so girls will depilate before summer comes. There are many depilation methods. Depilation cream is the most commonly used depilation method, because it is easy to operate and has no pain, but it also has disadvantages. Facial deputy breast hair is not suitable for use, and the effect can not last for a long time. So what reliable depilation methods are there in addition to depilation cream?

  1. Waxed paper depilation: waxed paper is also a common depilation method for women. The method of use is also very simple. First, heat the waxed paper slightly and stick it on the skin. After a few minutes, tear off the waxed paper against the direction of hair growth, so that the body hair is uprooted. However, this depilation method has obvious pain.
  2. Electric hair remover: this hair removal method is also very simple. It can be operated according to the instructions. It is generally suitable for removing hair on legs and arms. Before use, apply shaving cream on the skin to prevent damage to the skin.
  3. Razor: many women will also use men’s razor to solve the sweat and hair on the body. This method is also very simple and effective. However, if you use this method to remove hair, the newly grown body hair will be thicker, and you may have to shave it every other day.
  4. Clip hair removal: if there are few hairs, this method can also be used. Many women have tried this method, but this method is very painful. If you don’t pay attention, it may cause hair follicle inflammation.
  5. Laser hair removal: this method can keep women away from the troubles caused by body hair in the future, but this method is not cheap and the process is more complex. Women who want to use this method should choose a regular hospital, so as to ensure the treatment effect.

These are the common methods of depilation. If you choose to depilate yourself at home, apply talc powder to the parts to be depilated first, which can make the depilation effect better. After depilation, pay attention to skin care and do not stimulate the depilated part. If there is redness, swelling and pain in the depilated part, go to the hospital for treatment in time.