Is laser hair removal safe?

As a treatment method for removing excess hair, laser hair removal is generally safe and reliable. Its safety and effectiveness have been certified by the national food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, the national food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of China and other relevant global regulatory agencies.

A large number of clinical studies show that laser hair removal only destroys the hair regeneration system and will not affect the functions of skin organs such as sebaceous glands and sweat glands around hair. Therefore, laser hair removal has become the most popular, safest and effective hair removal method in the world.

So can laser hair removal rest assured? Of course not. The following tips can help you have more knowledge and choose hair removal laser:

Identify professional treatment institutions

Because everyone’s hair thickness, hair color and skin color are different, and the hair of different parts of the same person is also very different, professional doctors need to select reasonable and correct laser treatment parameters for treatment. Otherwise, there will be discomfort and even skin scald during treatment;

Recognize laser equipment

Laser hair removal equipment must be produced by professional laser manufacturers and certified by national regulatory authorities. Fake and shoddy laser equipment does endless harm.

Choose the latest technology

After more than 10 years of development, laser hair removal technology has made two technological leaps: 1. The development of laser pulse width from tens of milliseconds to hundreds of milliseconds to meet the safety needs of different skin colors; 2. The application of freezing point painless technology, from early burning of hair to freezing point painless laser heating, makes the hair inactive and achieve the purpose of removal. The treatment process is safer and painless.

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