Laser hair removal makes your skin smooth without trouble

Having smooth and delicate skin is not what Meimei wants. However, helpless, it doesn’t fulfill people’s wishes. Even if the skin is white enough, those thick and black hairs on the white skin always affect the beauty and give people a feeling of rough skin. It’s embarrassing to think that you have thick and black hair on your hands and legs! At that time, even the courage to wear cold clothes will not be there! Don’t worry, the skin care editor of Aimei women’s network will introduce you to the hair removal methods one by one now.

Method 1: razor hair removal

Shaving with a razor is a more traditional method, which is also used by many people, because it is more economical, has no pain, and will not cause hair follicle or wound infection. Remove the hair on the skin with the razor in the counterclockwise direction. In a moment, the hair fell down. Xiaobian suggested that after shaving, put a little olive oil or cream on the skin of the shaving repeatedly to prevent the roughness of the newly growing hair.

Method 2: depilation with depilatory cream

There are various brands and different types of depilatory creams in shopping malls, but their common point is that they use chemicals to dissolve the hair structure, breaking the upper part of the hair surface, so as to achieve the effect of depilation. For children’s shoes who don’t want to use a razor but want no pain, Xiaobian suggests that you choose this method.

Method 3: tweezers depilation

For the beauties who only want to take off part of their hair, they might as well try this method. However, this method is a little laborious. In addition, Xiaobian recommends that the beauties who use this method apply alcohol after taking off their hair, which can prevent hair follicle infection. If it is a broken skin or a small wound, Xiaobian suggests changing it to mild ointment or olive oil.

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