What are the advantages of laser eyeliner

  Laser eyeliner is the use of the high energy emitted by laser instantaneously. It is the main principle of laser eyebrow washing machine to remove the pigment, so that the pigment particles absorb energy under its irradiation and expand and cause rupture. Some parts burst and decompose into smaller particles and are excreted from the body with metabolism. , The other part is swallowed by human macrophages and excreted through the lymphatic system, so as to achieve the purpose of washing the eyeliner.

  The advantages of laser eyeliner:

  1. No scars, no bleeding, no scabs after laser eyeliner washing.

  2. According to the different dyes and the depth of the decoration, the effect is slightly different. More than 80% of the people can remove the eyeliner with a one-time laser wash. A small number of people who are too dark need to be treated twice or more. The effect of the laser eyeliner will be affected due to the dark color or poor tattoo technique.

  Laser eyeliner treatment is convenient and quick, and only takes one to two minutes, no pain, obvious curative effect, and no scars, so as to ideally repair failed eyebrows and eyeliners. For some patients with dark streaks, laser eyeliner is recommended to be treated in separate treatments, with the interval between the second treatments being three to six months.

  The above is the introduction to the advantages of laser eyeliner. I think you have a full understanding after reading it carefully. In fact, it is not difficult to easily remove the eyeliner on the face. Many girls can return to their former appearance through surgery. , If you need laser eyeliner surgery, you must go to a regular plastic surgery hospital.

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