Understand laser hair removal and rest assured to be a “bright” woman

According to statistics, about one-third of women in China have the habit of hair removal, most of them are young office women. Among them, 35% use manual scraping method, 20% use electric hair remover, 17% use tweezers to pull out, 14% use hair removal cream and honey wax, and almost all women have been interested in laser hair removal.

Q1: which hair removal method is the best?

A: Most depilatory creams are alkaline, while human skin is weakly acidic. Therefore, under the stimulation of depilatory creams, the skin may experience redness, pain, dryness and even peeling, and even rash. People with allergic constitution should use them with caution. Honey wax depilation can cause pain when used, and chemically synthesized honey wax is easy to cause irritation to the skin. In addition, when tearing down, body hair is easy to remain in part of the pores. If it sticks into the hair follicle, it will cause folliculitis. Laser hair removal is to destroy hair follicles through special light irradiation, so as to stop the growth of body hair. It is fast, less painful and relatively “once and for all”. Laser hair removal is most suitable for people with light skin color, deep and thick hair.

Q2: does laser hair removal affect sweat glands?

A: This fear is unnecessary. Because there is no melanin in sweat glands, they will not be damaged by absorbing laser energy. The only disadvantage of laser hair removal is that the price is expensive. The specific cost varies according to different parts, area and thickness of hair.

Q3: how many courses does laser hair removal usually take?

A: Hair has four cycles: growth period, transition period, resting period and degenerative period. Only in the growth period, a large number of pigment particles exist in the hair follicle and absorb a large amount of laser energy. In other words, hair removal treatment is ineffective for hair follicles in the resting period. For this part of hair, laser removal can only be carried out after they slowly change to the growth period, so laser hair removal cannot be achieved overnight.

Q4: what season is the best for laser hair removal?

A: Compared with summer, it’s the best now. This is because after laser hair removal, local inflammation such as redness and swelling may occur. Sweating in summer is easy to cause infection. Secondly, the sun is strong in summer, which is easy to cause pigmentation at the operation site. Third, laser surgery is generally done 3-5 times, with an interval of about 2 months. So don’t wait until summer comes.

Q5: there are many kinds of laser hair removal techniques. Which one is better?

A: Now the most concerned is freezing point depilation. Traditional laser hair removal requires instantaneous high-energy burning of hair follicles, which is easy to damage the skin. Freezing point e light nano hair removal uses the principle of selective photothermal, and uses nanotechnology to adsorb melanin particles in hair follicles without damaging hair follicles. Most importantly, it also combines RF “cold touch technology” to avoid pain or risk. It not only effectively solves the burning feeling of traditional hair removal, but also has a cool and comfortable experience.

Q6: what should I pay attention to before and after depilation?

A: No other hair removal methods can be used within 6 weeks before laser hair removal. After laser hair removal, the skin will be a little red and swollen, which is a normal reaction. Applying it with a cold towel can effectively alleviate it. After laser hair removal, you must pay attention to sunscreen. You can apply some sunscreen appropriately, otherwise local pigmentation will form color spots. Do not take a hot bath on the first day after operation. Within 1 week after laser hair removal, do not use maintenance products containing glycolic acid and retinoic acid, nor exfoliate.

Q7: does permanent depilation exist?

A: As mentioned above, hair has its own growth cycle. If you can adhere to this cycle, and avoid contact with sauna or sun exposure after hair removal, the effect is guaranteed. Generally, there is basically no hair growth within 1 month after freezing point depilation. The interval between receiving treatment again should be 1-2 months. It takes 3-6 months before and after the treatment period plus the consolidation period, with an average of depilation every 40-45 days.

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