What factors are related to the efficacy of laser?

The therapeutic effect of laser is related to three factors: the therapist, the treatment equipment and your response to laser treatment.

In the process of treatment, the main body of treatment is doctors. Doctors’ grasp of the disease and treatment experience are very important. Some people mistakenly believe that as long as there is equipment, good curative effect can be achieved, which is incorrect. For example, the same camera has different effects on the photos taken by different photographers. Similarly, the same treatment equipment will have different effects when used by different doctors. After all, the treatment equipment is only a tool used by doctors for treatment. At present, some small medical units have blindly introduced some equipment for treatment, so it is recommended that you do not blindly choose a hospital for treatment. When we buy large goods, in order to ensure the quality of goods, we often go to large shopping malls to buy, because it is more guaranteed. Similarly, it is best to choose regular and good hospitals for treatment, because these hospitals have strong technical force and better grasp of new medical equipment. More importantly, they have a solid medical foundation, high medical reputation and clear diagnosis of diseases. Therefore, they can achieve “symptomatic treatment“, so the application of new technologies is more reliable.

Of course, first-class treatment equipment is also very important, otherwise a good doctor is “a clever woman can’t cook without rice”. Because the curative effect also depends on the quality of the equipment itself, the curative effect of different equipment is of course different. Specialized hospitals and large medical institutions have good knowledge of medical equipment when purchasing medical equipment, and have authority in the purchase of medical equipment. Usually, the purchased equipment is the most advanced at that time, so as to ensure their own medical image and medical reputation, as well as their absolute leading position in medical treatment. Due to various reasons, the equipment purchased by some medical units is generally of low price and poor grade (for example, the equipment imported from the United States is very similar in appearance, but the internal performance and quality are very different). Of course, it will affect the treatment effect.

Finally, the patient’s personal response to laser treatment should be emphasized. Just like treating a cold, the results of treating different cold patients with the same drug vary greatly. The curative effects of the same doctor, using the same treatment equipment, treating different patients are different. This is because there are great differences between people, which is reflected in the different response to phototherapy. Therefore, you may see that some patients have very good curative effect, which makes you envy, while some people have very slow curative effect, which makes you feel overwhelmed, which is very normal. In fact, those patients whose curative effect is not obvious at the beginning will also have a happy curative effect after more treatment. In general, skin color and skin reactivity to laser are important reasons affecting the therapeutic effect.

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