What is the best way to remove hair under the armpit? 3 tips to say goodbye to hair

Core tip: there are many ways of hair removal, among which laser hair removal is the safest and most effective way. However, laser hair removal can be permanently removed after 6-8 times, so it is very common to say that it is not removed after one time, because hair follicles have a growth cycle, and one cycle comes down to one month. Laser hair removal is best done once a month.

It’s summer and the temperature will be higher and higher. Many people choose a variety of hair removal methods, such as honey wax, hair removal cream, electric razor, laser hair removal, etc. in fact, no matter which hair removal method can be used as long as it has no effect on hair follicles, what’s the best method for axillary hair removal? Three tips to say goodbye to Maomao.

1、 Laser hair removal: laser hair removal uses the selectivity of light to produce an effect on hair follicles, so that hair follicles lose the ability of regeneration, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal. Laser hair removal generally does no harm to hair follicles and surrounding tissues, so laser hair removal is the best way of hair removal. However, some people will encounter the situation that they can’t get rid of it once or twice. In fact, hair follicles have a growth cycle. Laser hair removal only works on the hair in the growth period. A growth cycle is about one month, so the laser cycle is also one month. Generally, permanent effect can be achieved after 6-8 times.

2、 Wax depilation: wax depilation belongs to physical depilation. Stick the armpit hair with sticky wax and tear it off together for about 10 minutes. However, there is a problem that honey wax can cause pain when used, because honey wax is chemically synthesized and can cause irritation to underarm skin. In addition, honey wax depilation usually grows up quickly in about 3 days.

3、 Electric razor depilation: compared with many people who have used electric razor depilation, it is very convenient and fast, but this kind of hair needs to be shaved every day, and the hair Hawthorn will grow quickly. However, the hair is easy to grow thicker and thicker with electric razor depilation, and it is likely to scratch the skin if it is not operated well.

In contrast, laser hair removal is the safest and most effective hair removal method. Some people think that laser hair removal is a little painful. In fact, everyone has different tolerance. Some people feel pain and some people feel no pain. When laser hair removal, cold gel will be applied. Generally, it will achieve a lasting effect after 6-8 times. In any case, laser hair removal must be done in a professional and regular beauty salon, Many people encounter redness and swelling of their skin after laser hair removal. It is likely that they chose an informal beauty salon.