Will laser hair removal regenerate?

Best at home laser hair removal device will it regenerate after depilation? Many women feel that their hair is too thick, affecting their beauty, so they try all kinds of methods to depilate, but the depilation creams and leg hair tools on the market are only short-term, and it is very troublesome to depilate again in a short period of time, so everyone began to slowly accept the medical beauty method of female hair removal devices, so, Will hair regenerate after laser depilation?

Professional laser hair removal device depilation plays the role of depilation by destroying hair follicles, and hair follicle growth is divided into growth period, resting period and degenerative period. In the growth period, the hair follicle has the most melanin and the strongest absorption of the light emitted by the laser, which has become the best target of the laser hair removal machine. The more melanin, the more clear, the higher the hit rate, and the greater the damage to hair follicles. Laser hair removal has little effect on degenerative hair follicles, but not on resting hair follicles.

Best hair removal device for legs will hair regenerate after depilation? Therefore, some hair may regenerate after depilation, but the newborn hair will become thinner and less obvious. The effect varies from person to person. Some people grow hair after 6 months, but others will not regenerate until 2 years later. Because some hair follicles are in the resting and degenerative stage at any time, multiple treatments are needed to achieve the effect of destroying hair follicles. The removal of limb hair takes 3 to 4 times, with an interval of 1 to 2 months. Some patients with male upper lip beard sometimes need 7 ~ 8 times of treatment.

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